Yoga Burn Review: The Secrets behind Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Revealed

Are you tired of trying different fitness programs and diets yet you still fail to attain your dream bod? Have you wasted a lot of time in the gym lifting weights when you still don’t see the effect you always wanted? Well, this product may interest you.

This Yoga Burn Review aims to provide you some details on about a promising product created by Zoe Bray Cotton.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a user friendly video course which helps you lose weight with yoga. It was created by Zoe Bray Cotton, a yoga instructor, personal trainer and female body expert.

It is a yoga based workout that is primarily designed to aid ladies lose excess weight and gain a sexy body. It is based on the Dynamic Sequencing principle which aims to execute and perform poses properly. The yoga poses are supposed to make your body firm and get into shape.

The Yoga Burn is a 3 phased program that will definitely challenge your entire body. Anyone can use this program as it is designed for beginners to advanced fitness level.

By the use of dynamic sequencing, you will learn each poses and how to include these poses to a more powerful workout.

Yoga Burn is designed for 12 weeks that will help you tone your body as well as lose body weight and improve flexibility.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

Zoe is a well-known personality when it comes to weight loss. She is a certified yoga expert, personal trainer and an expert in female body transformation.

She has put her heart in ensuring that she can help other women improve their entire body with the help of yoga. She believes that since yoga is a very gentle workout, it can be performed by all women regardless of their age and medical history.

Her years of experience and extensive yoga training serve as proof that her Yoga Burn is very much effective. The effect of the product definitely shows thru her.

Zoe is also a well loved personality since she is good with public peaking too. She can make her students focus on. Her unique personality also radiates whenever she gets interviewed by the media.

In other words, Zoe Bray Cotton is a beautiful and sexy Yoga expert with a lovely personality. What a combination!

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The Three Amazing Stages of Yoga Burn

The program consists of 3 primary phases or fitness workouts that shows the how-to’s in yoga. It has three videos plus a couple of bonuses, which lasts for 15 minutes and should be repeated three times. Each workout would last for 45 minutes that needs to b executed once every week.

Stage 1 – Foundational Flow

During this stage, you will get a quick introduction about yoga and will provide you a quick guide on how to improve your skills while creating a strong connection between the mind and body. These basic poses are very vital as it aids you to push thru with the rest of the program.

Stage 2 – Transitional Flow

On this stage, you will learn to combine each poses from stage 1 and create tem into a continuous motion, moving from one pose to another. This stage is also known as “flow”.

Stage 3 – Mastery flow

This stage adds more experienced poses and combines the knowledge you know from the previous stages. This stage’s goal is to enhance your metabolism and lose excess weight.

What’s in it for me: The Benefits of Yoga Burn

Certain Yoga Burn Review has shared the benefits of this program. Below shows mine.

  • The author is a well-known instructor and yoga expert. Zoe teaches yoga with love and passion. Her DVDs will take you on a journey with the most calming fitness workout for you.
  • Good for everyone. The program is good for beginners and experts. It can also be used by anyone regardless of their age
  • Incorporates proper breathing
  • Time efficient
  • It targets the main cause of weight issues. There is no quick fix for weight gain and it is necessary to pin point the root cause of such. With Yoga Burn, you will learn how to lose weight with yoga and by eating real healthy food.
  • 60 day Money Back guarantee. If you don’t get the result you want, the company will refund the money with no questions asked.
  • Bonuses!!! I love bonuses, don’t you?
  • Reasonable price of $37

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Disadvantages of Yoga Burn

  • Results vary depending on your commitment
  • Only available only

Yep, that’s it!

Testimonials from Customers

“I bought this series from the official website. The DVDs are fabulous! “ – Angie Hikes

“I never changed anything about my eating habits, I only followed the Yoga Burn program by Zoe Cray Cotton and I lost 10 pounds in my first month! Overall I lost 37 pounds and ny muscles are toned! Thank God for Yoga burn.” – Monica

“I bought the program although it says it’s for women. I am very much successful with the program and I highly recommend this to the gents.” – Jake

“Whenever I do Yoga, I often feel like I am doing this thing just for me. It gives me peace of mind. I just enjoy every moment of it. This is not the first Yoga program I used but so far, this is the best I had.” – Paula M.

Final Thoughts..

Do I have to say more? It’s not only this Yoga Burn Review, but the others are overwhelmed with the program too.

Imagine that you lose weight and get to tone your muscle at the same time. Isn’t that amazing?

The author, Zoe Bray Cotton, is a well-known yoga expert and her primary goal is to help all the women (and men as per Jake) lose weight and have a sexier body. She also makes sure that the poses are easy to execute by anyone.

The product is only for $37 with a 60 day money back guarantee, so why not!

Go ahead and visit their website,

You may also email them at [email protected]
or call them on 1-866-730-7334.