Fungus Hack Review (Nutrition Hacks) – 2019 Update YOU NEED TO READ

Fungus infection can be a long-term pain. Because of this, independent specialists like Nutrition Hacks labs put their highest efforts into coming up with a solution to this infection. One of those is a revolutionary supplement called Fungus Hack by the developer named Brett Johnson.

This Fungus Hack review will provide comprehensive discussion of its components and benefits to users. Let us go through it.

What’s Fungus Hack anyway?

It is a supplement claiming to eliminate toenail fungus. Its natural compositions and antioxidant properties help into weakening the compounds responsible for developing the disease, moreover replacing them with natural enzymes that regain toenail health.

This supplement is proven effective and guaranteeing to have beneficial effects to users. However, this is not a clinical medicine substitute and should be used under a professional’s supervision.

Brett Johnson From Nutrition Hacks Lab

The supplement is developed by Brett Johnson, a health laboratory specialist. Through his expertise and dedicated supervision to his team, he turned natural ingredients that are commonly found in local markets into a pill. Thus, Fungus Hack was born.

The creator himself assures that there is no risk in taking the product since it’s made with natural ingredients. This is a major breakthrough in the supplement industry, specifically in treating parasitic fungus.

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Fungus Hack Ingredients 

The pills are composed of several natural ingredients promoting overall toenail wellness. These are as follows:

  1. Caprylic acid – a natural antifungal agent commonly found in milk and coconut oil.
  2. Grape fruit seed extract – citrus extract that exhibits powerful antibiotic properties.
  3. Amylase 5000 – responsible for catalyzing starch into sugar, it aids better digestion
  4. Protease 3500 – degrades hydrolytic enzyme that is a byproduct of the infection.
  5. Lipase 1000 – promotes optimal fat utilization in the body.
  6. Oregano powder – medicinal herb with highly effective antioxidant properties.
  7. Black walnut hulls – contains juglone, an antibacterial enzyme.
  8. Lemon grass – promotes aromatherapy for muscular pain reduction.

Pros and Cons 

The main benefit of using Nutrition Hacks Fungus Hack is curing toenail fungus and overall wellness of the body against parasitic fungus infection. Preventive benefits are present when taking the supplement from potential infections such as internal fungal infection, eczema, and other related infections.

There are little to no disadvantages of using it because it fully promotes toenail health wellness. In addition, huge potential can be found in using the supplement.

Fungus Hack Side Effects

Most users claim that the Nutrition Hacks Fungus Hack has no side effects to them. This is because it is made with 100% organic ingredients. However, if this is taken by a user who has a preexisting allergy, there is a possibility that indigestion can be developed.

Where Can You Buy it?

Fungus Hack is available through the official website for all parts of United States. You can’t but it on Amazon, walmart, GNC etc. It is recommended that if you decide to give it a go – buy through the official website here:

Fungus Hack Testimonials & Customer Reviews

There are many reviews out there. They claim that the product is significantly effective. is effective to them. Some of the users are as follows:

Toni Mann, a user of the supplement, claimed that this is the quintessential natural toenail fungal fighter on this planet. He also added that it restores life to your toenails and makes your life with complete joy.

Supplement enthusiast named John Stewart added that fungus hack successfully attempted to reconfigure the body in order to make it much stronger overall.

Words of Terry Rodriguez testified that this is a supplement made purely with natural ingredients and passed all medical standardizations. He concluded that it is worth buying.

What’s the price?

Three packages available. The first one is the Basic package which costs $69 for a bottle; next one would be the Standard package which costs $59 each for three bottles; last one would be the the Premium package which costs $49 each for six bottles.

It is highly affordable regardless of the package that you choose. For starters, it is ideal to purchase the basic package. If you want the highest price value, the Standard and Premium package is available for you.

Any Support?

The official website provides customer-friendly access to user support via peer-to-peer messaging and inquiry. Every user can make an inquiry and they get to rate their experience with the product.

To visit their customer support portal, visit this link:

Money Back Guarantee

Nutrition Hacks offers a 100% money back guarantee for 180 days and makes it risk-free to all of its customers. All you have to do in case you want to know more about the refund policy is to provide information to them via their email.

Final Decision – should you try fungus hack?

Summing it up, this supplement by Brett Johnson is an absolute worthy choice in curing toenail fungus. Its great integrity makes all users and to potential customers more confident. Also, its price is low compared to other means to cure fungal infections

As much as most Nutrition Hack’s Fungus Hack reviews recommend the product, I’d go for this supplement as well. Moreover, the potentials of the supplement are huge due to their natural approach in curing fungus infection. It is definitely worth using this supplement and I would recommend this to all.

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