Fungus Clean Review – Alliance Naturals [A Remedy to Your Smelly Nails?]

Today I’ll be sharing my Fungus Clean by Alliance Naturals review. A product that may finally cure your darkened, smelly and itchy nails. Because who wants to have any of those mentioned description happening within any part of our body? I don’t know about you but for me, I do not approve any of those things occurring within myself.

But then of course fungi Infection can be a bit hard to avoid specially for athletes, or people who are always exposed to having their toe/hand nails exposed to a damp environment.

And even if you’re not any of those two mentioned earlier you are still a potential host for this type of bacteria. Because as we get older, our nails become more brittle that may lead to cracking which in return, makes it easier for the fungus to infect that area of our body.

Now let’s cut off the chase and start reading this Fungus Clean Review to see if this supplement will be safe and effective for your pesky problems.


Fungus Clean is a supplement manufactured by the company Alliance Naturals which claims to be an organic remedy that you will intake, and will target fungus infected toe/hand nails. It is claimed to stop further spreading of infection of the fungus infected area.

And I do understand if one could be in doubt in purchasing and using this product after all in able to obtain the benefits of Fungus Clean, one must first in take the supplement before all its claims and benefits will affect you.

Though upon looking up its manufacturer Alliance Naturals, I was able to see their partnered companies which are all well-known and trusted retail shops around the United States like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods Market, etc.

That is why I can say that Fungus clean can be pretty legit, seeing that their manufacturer is a partner merchant of some of the well-known big companies that distributes approved products.

Prices and Where to Buy 

Fungus Clean is for sale through Alliance Natural’s online shop only which can be found through their website. Though as of the moment this article is being written their website is currently undergoing construction, so you might need to wait a few days or so in able to purchase this product.

Regarding the prices of the product Natural Alliance offered it in three different packages:

  • $69 for a single bottle
  • $177 for three bottles
  • $294 for a bottle of six

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, enough to sustain a month of consistent usage.

And as you can see buying in bulk saves you a lot of money. You get $30 discount of Fungus Clean if you purchase three bottles and a $120 discount for a bottle of six!

Sadly, though shipping and handling fee for purchasing the product will all be shouldered by the customer.

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Now that we have an idea if what is Fungus Clean and its function we will now review the seven ingredients of Fungus Clean which played as the knight in shining armor of your Fungi infected toe/hand nails.

  • Lactobacillus Casei – Known for improving immunity system, allergy resilience, digestion and cholesterol levels.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – Produces enzymes which helps break down lactose into lactic acid.
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum – Strengthen the intestinal lining to keep bad bacteria away.
  • Bifidobacterium Longum – Boost immune system, helps in calming down inflammation, combats infections and many more.
  • Bifidobacterium Breve – Beneficial in improving your skin’s elasticity, hydration and clearness. It also shows effectivity in improving allergy sensitivity.

And those seven strains are some of the ingredients each capsule of Fungus Clean contains, which are claimed to be the one to eliminate your fungi infection from further spreading.


Some of the Benefits of Fungus Clean claims to give you upon regular intake of the product are almost the same as the effects of the seven strains present in each capsules but just to quickly gives of the overall possible outcomes that you can get here they are:

  • Helps in reducing accumulated toxins within the blood, targeting the root cause of the problem through flushing or killing them out of your system
  • It promotes cell regeneration which is helpful in able to help your skin heal faster
  • Not only does it remove the yellow stains fungi infection caused to your nails, it also claims to keep newly grown nails to come out healthy and no longer yellowish in color
  • Increases your body’s natural microbes, thus boosting your immunity towards fungi infection

For How Long Until I’ll See some Results? 

It is recommended that the supplement be taken once a day consistently for at least 10 or 30 days in able to see the results of Fungus clean.

Though this still won’t guarantee that you can see its results after the ten or thirtieth-day mark. Because we have different bodies which undergoes different environments, lifestyle and diet.

Therefore, one can see the results perhaps even less than ten days or after thirty days.

It varies from one person to another.


Above all else the most important question is, does it work – Will it be worth your money to actually purchase this product and ingest it to your body?

Well coming from the testimonials of Fungus Clean. Yes, it works, I mean if those aforementioned seven strains that are claimed to be within each capsule kicks in, being able to receive all the goodness of all those good bacteria lock within each supplement will definitely benefit you one way or another.

But always bear in mind that still take precautions when taking any medicine being ingested to your body. Even if everyone is hailing a specific medicine is effective for them, because your body is different, and its reaction can differ from other people.

In this case of toe/hand fungus treating it topically is okay, no one is strongly against it. However, if the infection is swelling, aching or bothering you in any way, please do consult a professional immediately.

With that in mind I hope you learn something new with my review of Fungus Clean, Until next time!

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