Blood Sugar Premier Review [2020’s Best Diabetes Supplement?]

This article will serve as a comprehensive Blood Sugar Premier review. We will enumerate the features, mechanism of action, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing of this cutting-edge formulation. Hopefully, after reading this review, you can arrive at a decision whether or not Blood Sugar Premier is the right fit for your needs.

The continuous elevation of blood sugar results in a higher risk of developing serious health issues such as diabetes. Elevated blood sugar also harms the immune system functioning. Blood sugar management is most effective and safe with the help of natural and organic nutritional supplements.

The good news is that Zenith Labs, a reputable wellness manufacturer, has come up with Blood Sugar Premier. This product answers the great demand for an all-natural formulation that promotes healthy blood glucose concentration in the long run.

What inspired the development of Blood Sugar Premier?

Simply put, Blood Sugar Premier is a nutritional supplement that is formulated to aid in blood sugar management. The formula was inspired by the ancient writings of Sheng Nong, a man considered to be the Father of Chinese Medicine. His ancient manuscript hailed as The Old Testament of Natural Health provides remedies made from herbal ingredients for a variety of medical conditions. Some of the written ancient texts that are written in red reveal the special ingredients that are proven to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels as well as improve overall health.

Dr. Ryan Shelton & Zenith Labs

The development of Blood Sugar Premier was started by Dr. Ryan Shelton, an esteemed medical doctor from Zenith Labs. He specializes in holistic and herbal medicine. He assumed the head research and formulation positions at the University of San Diego’s compounding facility.

Zenith Labs is a manufacturing company well-known for its selection of superior nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products. Their main focus is to produce high-quality supplements made from all-natural ingredients that are both potent and safe to use. All ingredients used in Blood Sugar Premier and other product offerings are certified GMO-free and manufactured in the United States.

The Benefits Of This Supplement

Blood Sugar Premier was formulated to assist people who are suffering from elevated blood glucose, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. Typically, people with high blood sugar levels depend on prescription medication or insulin injections for symptom management.

According to Blood Sugar Premier reviews, the ingredients used in the development of this supplement can reduce the blood glucose levels naturally. The goal of supplementing a user’s regiment with Blood Sugar Premier is to eliminate the need for prescription drug use in the long run.

Zenith Labs advises prospective users to seek doctor’s recommendation before starting on a Blood Sugar Premier regimen. It is important to remember that one cannot combine the use of this supplement with prescription medications as this may result in side effects and serious complications.

Blood Sugar Premier Ingredients & Formula

They key ingredients in Blood Sugar Premier are sourced from organic plants and herbs. In this article, we will focus our attention on these three major components:

  • Berberine controls blood sugar in two ways: (1) it targets inflammatory processes happening in the body and (2) breaks down the accumulation of fats around the pancreas. Apart from the writings of Sheng Nong about the potency of Berberine, contemporary research studies have been conducted and revealed the efficacy of Berberine in blood sugar regulation.
  • This is the active therapeutic ingredient that comes from the turmeric root. It promotes healthy blood sugar levels by balancing two important processed: insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance. Just like berberine, curcumin also facilitates a natural and healthy inflammatory condition at the cellular level.

According to studies, people who include food items high in curcumin inherently have lower blood glucose and have a lower concentration of fat deposits around the pancreatic region. Additionally, curcumin supplementation also provides protection to the muscles and bones of people with high sugar levels in the bloodstream. It alleviates diabetes-related aches and pains.

  • This is a compound exclusively found in black pepper plants. It is usually paired with curcumin for the best results. One of the primary actions of piperine is to assist curcumin in doing its job as a blood sugar regulator. Curcumin is rendered ineffective once the liver enzyme called UGT latches onto it. To mitigate this problem, piperine is added to the formulation. One of the major actions of piperine is to break down the UGT that destroys curcumin. As a result, curcumin accomplishes its task of maintaining natural insulin sensitivity.

The Good and The Bad.


  • Science-backed research on the ingredients show Blood Sugar Premier can control inflammatory processes, lower blood glucose, and improve one’s quality of life
  • Zenith Labs guarantees that all ingredients are GMO-free and are sourced from reputable suppliers, too.
  • Since you can order Blood Sugar Premier online, you can expect prompt delivery of the product right to your doorstep.
  • With proper supplementation, a person suffering from elevated blood sugar may also help reduce the body’s total fat percentage.


  • Blood Sugar Formula is not a medication. Its supplementation does not mean that you can forego prescription drugs and insulin injections once you start taking it. Always talk to your doctor before taking it to avoid unpleasant drug reactions and complications.
  • This supplement is exclusively sold online.


With all the too-good-to-be-true claims, you may be assuming that Blood Sugar Premier is expensive. Despite its potency and efficacy in blood sugar management, Zenith Labs is selling the supplements at affordable price points:

  • 1-month package at $49
  • 3-month package at $39 per bottle
  • 6-month package $33 per bottle

Buying the 3-month or the 6-month option is a more practical decision due to the deeper savings consumers enjoy.

Final Recommendation – Does it Actually Work Or Another Internet Scam?

Our Blood Sugar Premier review ends with a recommendation to give the supplement a try. As the majority of users have expressed satisfaction in their purchase, it is safe to say that Blood Sugar Premier is effective in promoting healthy blood sugar and healthy weight loss at the same time.